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Palimaru Matha

The first swamiji of the Palimaru Matha is Sri Hrshikesha Tirtha. On the banks of river Shambhavi Palimaru Matha is present. Along the river you will also find the Rama temple and also close proximity hanuman temple is found. Kodanda Rama idols with his brother and follower Lakshmana and wife Sita are seen in the matha. Sri Hrshikesha Tirtha has received these idols as a gift from Acharya madhva. These idols are been worshipped by the residents with sound body and mind.

The visitors are given an opportunity to stay in matha and become a part of all activities that is performed in the matha. You will forget all your worries of the outside world when you enter this blessed place because of the peaceful and lively surroundings. All the visitors are given food known to be called as “Teertha Prasada".